Electric Mammal

Bob Hinrichs

Electric mammal

Touch to detonate

Try to see through me

Stand up and vacillate

Give me your reasons

Raise your left hand

Put the tails in the bite

And get with the pro jam

Shot through the roof

Step from transport

Follow the beacon

As the light turns blue

Physics in majesty

One-note reprise

Your midnight approach

In a monochrome disguise

Sixteen Unto God

Breathing so angrily, you reach for that microphone

These mundane heuristics

Of untouched amnesty!

Oh baby oh baby, yeah!

Rise up, everybody on the move, now!

One more ascension

The whole tainted feast

Hail to your rival,

You tricky tricky beast!

You shout out your monotone

In one orchestral noise

Get up,

We're waking to a black sunrise

Your splendid device

Writhing so desperately

So safe and so comfortable

We lay down the groove

This moment of symmetry!

© 2013 Bob Hinrichs, all rights reserved