What would they do

If you said

You won't play that game again

You put up with the flak

Those jerks on your back

How predictable we've all become

It's just the way of man

Take all that you can

You deserve the best

To hell with the rest

Maybe for a change

We could think of something new

Maybe all you ever needed

Was already given to you

When you're not very nice

The world pays the price

So simple and true

It's bigger than me

It's bigger than you

It's everything you forgot

As you did the things that you had to do

And only love survives

Only love endures

If you knew nothing else

You could light up the world

Where would you go

If I said

You have been set free

What will you do

The waiting is through

And it seems that all your life

You've been walking in your sleep

Calling all the true things fake

You say: aren't we all just dreaming

Of the day we can awake?

And I'm saying all these things

And who the hell am I

Just some stupid guy

But who can deny

We were given the choice

How it's gonna be

So simple and true

It's bigger than you

It's bigger than me

It's all the stuff that you missed

When you saw the things you wanted to see

And it's like coming home

You remember again

So simple and true

It comes flooding in

Above all the noise

Above all the haste

Above all the hurt

Above all the waste

Love will endure

Love will survive

Love will survive