Famous Last Words

Bob Hinrichs

The story's all untold

Dark histories unfold

The patterns branded on your soul

The things that made me lose control

We never even knew

I came alive that day

You blew it all away,

I would not buy into that scene,

I dared to dream a stupid dream,

A radical for sure,

So give me a sign say

Hey nonny nonny

Yeah nonny nonny

They worked me for a long long time

They had me convinced I was out of my mind

Till it exploded

Hey nonny nonny

Yeah nonny nonny

It's wasted now but here I am

When everything's hopeless

you know where you stand

Just lay you down to sleep,

The gift is yours to keep,

I took a calculated risk,

I burned my heart upon that disc

And time will be the judge

And am I nonetheless

A victim of my own success

I saw the future crashing down

Run for your life from this boomtown

I know we will survive

Famous last words, well