Bob Hinrichs

You scream at me

I am awake

You shake me up

That's when I breakthrough

To fall into the deep I feel within you

Don't talk

Sit down

Be cool

They say

Don't walk

You run

That's when you breakthrough

Subject to the wave that's crashing over you

This time we'll stare into the sun

Until we cannot see

Throw the dishes one by one

Against the wall

To know: we're free

I'll hold my breath till I turn blue

The fight

The drive

The will to breakthrough

I'm telling you it makes me feel alive

This is your chance

Your big debut

Step in the light

It's time to breakthrough

The star is you

The curtains ever rising

We all take shelter where we can

From the truth of the absurd

Here and now I'll make my stand

Against the silence of the world

© 2005 Bob Hinrichs, all rights reserved