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Liner notes:

Can U DigIt - can you !? Can you even handle it? Enter the funky funhouse and see.

Bad Idea - You may be having second thoughts about your habit of opening up that old black book and reading the verses aloud, when you are awakened at an unknown hour, look outside your picture window, and see a bonfire in your front yard with large, furry animals dancing around the flame.

Fly Away - The UFO - it is now identified. The message has been coded in the music to which we dance. It is landing in your town, and the lights, colors and sound are dazzling. It has a message for all who dwell here on this planet: fly your colors, crank the bass, stand up, and move together.

Breakdown - The raw moment. When it drops, it really drops. Like, everything has dropped. It's all in pieces.

Just Can't Help Yourself - darkness wants to be embraced. When you have, it comes at a price. Whatever. Apply heavy eyeliner, get a perm and think about it in your self-made cell.

Keeping the Light - A series of thresholds, gossamer veils, to be flown through.

Toodah Beat - We were born to be alone. And so, here we go! Put your hands to the top, then you got it.

That Unicorn - Choose your weapon and play. Did you ever suspect? This is my tale.

Interrobang - The question stated as an exclamation. So go back to 1999, they've got the caps on backwards, one earring, and a soul patch. Tune in to that radio station you loved. The sun is yellow in the day, and there is a light show in the night sky.

Honeymagic - What is beyond Time? There's only one way to know. Open the doors. Let it blow in.