86 Degrees

Bob Hinrichs

I met my fate

You found your destiny

I took the bait

I fell before I knew

The power of that kiss

Would end all chances to resist

The dark allure of such a woman as you

I curse the day

I found this place

The mountain green

The sails upon the sea

A jagged edge of land

Where tears just vanish in the sand

It's Hell at eighty-six degrees

All of the reasons why she had to lie

And keep out of sight

I became an expert in these matters overnight

And there's nothing I can do

As she sits with her new lover in the sun

I'll be the one that they'll be coming for tonight

The secret that you hide

The truth no one will see

Will wither in the sun

At 86 degrees

I had my dance

You pulled the strings

I fold my hands

And stare into the empty sky

To think that I could play

In your sophisticated game:

What kind of fool, what kind of fool was I?

Now I'm the one

Who has to live

With this thing I've done

So horrible and true

But I would do it all again

For just a chance to believe

For one moment more

That I was loved by you

© 2005 Bob Hinrichs, all rights reserved