Turned On

Bob Hinrichs

Big Bang

Here I am:

Reach out and take my hand

Burning like a bright light

A vermillion thread

At the top of your head


This clover on your hill

Rainclouds are distant still

Come take us down where we cannot be found

Where the mountains hide your meadow

The doors shall open wide

Going deeper down we slide

I discover your country

And I open my eye

As I enter your dominion

Upward then I shall rise

To look upon the temple from a height so wise

Lotus bloom

Release its perfume

I say to you

Be with me

These shattered windows of perception

Comprehend the smell of rain

Our secret voices speaking thunder

The Gods above the plain calling:

O My Brothers, O My Sisters!

O Ye Things of Dark and Light!

My Mothers and My Fathers!

Ye Whirling Skies of Day and Night!

The patterns of an order

Beyond the mind's dimension

For a fleeting instant

Enter comprehension

This is what we might call

The gleaming of the dawn

This is what I would call

Being turned on

© 2005 Bob Hinrichs, all rights reserved