Bob Hinrichs

Get up, yeah we got the music

Load up your favorite MP3s

Get on your favorite shoes

You gotta look just like a VIP

Say what, I don't mind the venue

Don't care what we're goin ta do, nah

It's all good for me

Just as long as I can go with you

Sho right, when we get togethah

Yeah like one nation under a groove

Freaky faces

You know they checkin out the way the way you move, baybaybay

Hey you, yeah, let's get the word out

Let's hit the floor and bring the whole crew

It's such a wondah

How do you do you do the things you do

'Cause you make me glow, ya make me wanna go

Cause you turn me on, like my favorite song

It's the place 2B when you're here with me

You mehmeh feel so high, you mehmeh wanna fly

It's really real, the way ya make me feel

It's truly true, I wanna be with you

And that's all I know, and that's the deal

Cause you make me glow, that's what cha do

And if you're feelin' hot

Turn down the lights

Ready or not

You can feel that it's the time that's right

For you and me ...

© 2005 Bob Hinrichs, all rights reserved